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The Family-First Entrepreneur

How to Succeed in Business Without Sacrificing What Matters Most

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Most entrepreneurs launch a business seeking freedom but end up in a prison of 100-hour work weeks isolated from their loved ones. This book is about how to do entrepreneurship differently—letting go of the hustle and embracing a family-first mindset.

Aspiring entrepreneurs want a comfortable life with plenty of time for family and friends. This vision is what inspired Steve Chou to strike out on his own over a decade ago. But entrepreneurship is often driven by hustle culture. The nonstop work and dog-eat-dog attitude that are the hallmarks of modern business are making people miserable and preventing them from enjoying life’s most precious gifts. Business owners get stuck in the cycle of never-ending work, doing what they were originally trying to avoid and ending up back where they started: burnt out and looking for a better way.

For over a decade, Steve Chou has run two successful seven-figure businesses in twenty hours a week or less, leaving plenty of time for family. In The Family-First Entrepreneur, he shares profound insights and practical advice on business and life, demonstrating that you can, in fact, pursue your dream without sacrificing what matters most.

The Family-First Entrepreneur doesn’t promise an “easy” five-step process to building a business. Instead, Chou offers a series of precepts that can guide every decision you make, establishing a solid foundation upon which you can build the life you’ve dreamed of while comfortably supporting those you love.