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Leading with Heart

Five Conversations That Unlock Creativity, Purpose, and Results

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Two veteran executive coaches dispel the myth of one-size-fits-all leadership, showing instead how truly successful leaders allow themselves to be endlessly curious and inquisitive—the key to finding the strategies and insights that transform organizations.

In an age where self-proclaimed experts say there’s a right and wrong way to do nearly everything, leaders are desperate to find the magic formula for success. Seasoned executive coaches John Baird and Edward Sullivan searched for this ideal, combing through their own experiences and those of their clients to uncover common behaviors, tactics, and lessons that could offer insight.

But in the hundreds of interviews with leaders and their teams, they found that the key to successful leadership is not following in some predetermined path. Instead, they observed that every leader has their own playbook, one they developed by gaining unique insights about themselves and their teams.

These See Change Leaders, as Baird and Sullivan call them, carry an extra degree of self-awareness and empathy, and recognize the potential for change and growth in themselves and others. By consistently asking themselves the right questions, the questions the authors explore in this book, See Change Leaders learn to SEE themselves and others a little more clearly, and in turn develop their own unique magic formula for leadership.

No matter where you are in your career, this book is your launch point to becoming a See Change Leader. By encouraging you to ignore outdated “leadership hacks” and embrace introspection and growth, Leading with Heart guides you to ask the right questions and find your own answers. Now you can create a leadership game-plan that is authentic to you and brings out the best in those around you.

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