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Meet the Author: Joel A. Barker

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Joel Arthur Barker has been a teacher and advertising executive and has served as director of the Future Studies Department of the Science Museum of Minnesota. His corporate clients include IBM, Monsanto, AT&T, General Mills, U.S. Sprint, the Mayo Clinic, 3M, Motorola, and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Books by Joel A. Barker


Business of Discovering the Future, The

Book cover image: Paradigms: Business of Discovering the Future, The

How would like to spot future trends before the competition? We all know the rules for success in our business or professions, yet we also know that these rules—paradigms—can change at any time. What Joel Barker does in Paradigms: The Business of Discovering the Future is explain how to spot paradigm shifts, how they unfold, and how to profit from them. Through the power of this method—paradigm spotting—you can: Find the people…  More »