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Meet the Author: Michael Hammer

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Dr. Michael Hammer is the leading exponent of the concept of reengineering. He was named by BusinessWeek as one of the four preeminent management gurus of the 1990s and by Time as one of America's 25 Most Influential Individuals. He lives in Massachusetts.

Books by Michael Hammer

Reengineering the Corporation

A Manifesto for Business Revolution

Book cover image: Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution | National Bestseller

The most successful business book of the last decade, Reengineering the Corporation is the pioneering work on the most important topic in business today: achieving dramatic performance improvements. This book leads readers through the radical redesign of a company's processes, organization, and culture to achieve a quantum leap in…  More »

Beyond Reengineering

How the Process-Centered Organization Will Change Our Work and Our Lives

Book cover image: Beyond Reengineering: How the Process-Centered Organization Will Change Our Work and Our Lives

Reengineering has captured the imagination of managers and shareholders alike, sending corporations on journeys of radical business redesign that have already begun to transfigure global industry. Yet aside from earning them improvements in their business performance, the shift into more-process-centered organizations is causing fundamental changes in the corporate world, changes that business leaders are only now beginning to…  More »

The Reengineering Revolution

Book cover image: The Reengineering Revolution

Reengineering the Corporation &nbsphas swept through corporate America with a force unprecedented in recent years. Hailed by Business Week &nbsp as "the best-written, most well-reasoned business book for the managerial masses since In Search of Excellence," the book has appeared on virtually every bestseller list, including a six-month run on The New York Times list. Reengineering has become a part of everyone's business vocabulary. It…  More »