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You're Invited

The Art and Science of Cultivating Influence

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Everyone reads success books, but few succeed. Why? Jon Levy, behavioral scientist and founder of the private community of Nobel Laureates, celebrities, and executives called “The Influencers,” decided to find the answer. You’re Invited reveals the surprising formula that you too can use to create exceptional levels of success.

Want to grow your influence and develop deep and meaningful relationships with the people who could have the biggest impact on your goals, habits, aspirations, and causes?

Behavioral scientist, Jon Levy, achieved the seemingly impossible. Having no money, reputation or status, he got groups made of Nobel laureates, Olympians, celebrities, Fortune 100 executives, Hall of Fame athletes, and even an occasional Princess to not only give him advice, but cook him dinner, wash his dishes, sweep his floors, and then thank him for the experience. Thus began the private community called, “The Influencers.” With thousands of members, The Influencers is the largest private group of its kind worldwide.

In You're Invited you'll apply the secrets Jon discovered to accelerate your own ability to connect with influential people, build deep trust with everyone you meet, grow a thriving remarkable community, and achieve all you desire, while actually enjoying the process.

Through his research and community, Jon realized influence doesn't need to depend on wealth, family, or extroversion, but instead comes from characteristics anyone can master: You’re Invited is about the stories and science behind successful organizations and people, and the specific steps you can use to start applying these principles, today.

About the Author

Jon Levy