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Revolt in the Boardroom

The New Rules of Power in Corporate America

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Throughout the 20th century, American corporations were governed by autocratic, almost unaccountable chief executives. Their word was law, and the only check on their power was a board of directors composed of their friends and allies. Then, in a stunning reversal, a momentous series of firings deposed the heads of some of the world's best-known companies.

In Revolt in the Boardroom, Alan Murray examines the new world of corporate power. Using the access afforded to him by his influential Wall Street Journal column, Murray tells the story of three seminal board revolts: the now-famous Hewlett-Packard drama, the ousting of Boeing's Harry Stonecipher, and the deposing of one of the world's most autocratic executives, Hank Greenberg, from AIG.

About the Author

Alan Murray

Photo of Alan Murray

Alan Murray is Deputy Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal and Executive Editor of WSJ.com. He is the author of Revolt in the Boardroom.


“[Murray] takes us inside the boardrooms of companies such as GM, Enron, and WorldCom during periods of crisis.” —Booklist

“A research-rich, well-reasoned analysis of the forces that swirled together...to shake the thrones of U.S. corporate empires.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

“Draw[s] insight from even the best-known corporate blow-ups.” —BusinessWeek

Murray provides a useful history of the corporation and its role in the USA’s commercial dominance of the 20th century. —USA Today