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Money Masters of Our Time

Book cover image: Money Masters of Our Time

An expert reviews the experts - new and updated appraisals of the winning investment strategies of the greatest financial wizards.Money Masters of Our Time is a reappraisal and revision of those money masters who have stood the test of time plus a look at new money masters. Train emphasises the parts of their various business careers that illuminate their investment techniques focusing on notable individuals whose decisions to buy and…  More »

The End of Marketing as We Know It

Book cover image: The End of Marketing as We Know It | National Bestseller

Marketing today doesn't work. Or so says the "Aya Cola," Sergio Zyman, former marketing czar of Coca-Cola and quite possibly the most famous marketing gadfly in the world. Brilliant, irascible, unconventional, Zyman is best known for reinventing the Coca-Cola Company's marketing approach by spearheading the global launches of Diet Coke…  More »